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Anyone who is involved in the sports betting industry generally has likely encountered the phrase pay per head. It may appear complicated and confusing from the outside. In reality, this refers to a specific business model for fully automating a private bookie business while running it online.

What is Pay Per Head (PPH)?
Pay per head is an offshore bookmaker which offers their services as a sports betting provider to a particular cliental. This is accomplished with the assistance of an offshore online bookie software provider or post-up offshore sportsbook. Pay per head is completely anonymous when it comes to the delivery of this online-based, automated sports betting platform. A private bookmaker can now compete with the large commercial offshore sportsbooks that have their own betting platform online by linking to a pay-per-head site. This service keeps a private bookie operational 24 hours a day, all year round. For every betor who is connected to the private booking system, a small fee is collected by way of a pay-per-head model. This is a vastly different model from the revenue-split business model used by the credit card bookie vendor. Pay per Head websites only have a modest user cost regardless of what the betting volume is or how often they win and lose. Users of pay per head betting will receive a username and password to login to the gambling website online. Alongside their online betting account, they also have access to the pay per head site's in-house customer service team. This will make it easier to placing bets on sports via the toll-free telephone system. Check out top what is pay per head sites.

[Image: Pay-Per-Head-Software-for-Players.jpg]

Pay Per Head: Advantages
The benefits of automating a private bookie business while operating that business online are rather evident in the rapidly changing and evolving sports betting industry. The internet made it possible to place bets on sports online in the very first time. Over the last two decades plus the most rated pay-per-head sites have expanded their business model into other verticals for online gaming. PPH Services offer software to manage an online racebook for betting on horses, as well as an online casino to gamble on Las Vegas-style slot machines and table games. Private bookie service has evolved into fully-service gambling websites. Pay per head solutions offer a complete system that allows independent bookmakers to make use of the most effective business tools to run and maintain their business on an ongoing basis. Private bookmakers offer a better level of service to customers and provides personal attention to each client. A sports betting site online is easy for customers to access and navigate. See the most popular be a bookie reviews.

[Image: pay-per-head-casino.png]

Sports betting on the internet is now responsible for the bulk of the industry's weekly betting handle. The same is true for private bookmakers that offer a pay per head service. The 24 hour availability of expanded betting options for horse racing or casino games is also possible. The back-end of PPH software will provide real-time settlement reports at the conclusion of each working week. This gives a clear indication of the sports bettors total balance. The report provides the bookie agent the ability to see which of his customers have received payments and which ones are owed money. The difference in these figures is known as the bookie's held. A typical weekly hold percentage should be between 5% and 10 percent. Anything less than 5 percent needs to be adjusted. Any weekly hold that is greater than 10% is classified as a successful. There are many ways to pay for your weekly per capita fees. These include credit cards and pre-paid debit card. One of the most efficient and safest ways to pay is using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Check out most popular ts bookie sites.

[Image: PPH-Feedback.jpg]

Basic Pay Per Head Business Principles
The bookmaking industry is governed by certain rules that are constant. Certain weeks, bookmakers prevail. In most other weeks the bookies emerge on top. A consistent approach over the long run is essential to running and managing a successful business as private bookies. Because of the built-in house advantage, the cards are always in your favour. It is your goal to maintain a steady hold that can aid you in reaching any financial goals you have set for yourself. Pay per head bookie services know that the success of their bookie agents is crucial to their long-term financial prosperity. The many business tools in the weekly program have been proven to increase profitability. Profitability can be improved by increasing your weekly handle and holding without necessarily increasing your betting base. You can boost your bottom line profit by making use of the different revenue streams that come that you earn from pay per head.
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