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Anyone who is involved in betting on sports will have heard the term pay per person. On the surface it can seem complex and difficult to understand. In reality, this term refers a set of business models that enable you to completely automate your bookkeeping business while still operating it online.

What is the pay per Head?
Pay per head is an online bookmaker offering their services in sports betting to a specific clientele through a post-up offshore online bookie or sportsbook software provider. Pay per head is a non-public entity in offering this online-based, automated sports betting software system. The bookie has the ability to compete with commercial and large offshore sportsbooks by linking their own bookmaking operations to a pay per-head site. This service allows a private online bookie operational 24/7 throughout the year. The pay-per-head business model collects a modest weekly charge for each betting participant who is connected to the private bookie service. This is quite different from a credit-bookie provider which operates with a revenue split model. Pay per head betting sites don't charge any fee for wagering volume and weekly losses or wins. Customers who pay per head can use the online betting platform by registering an account with a username and password. Along with their online betting account they will also have easy access to the pay-per-head website's internal customer service department. This allows them to place bets on sports through a toll free number. Check out recommended pay per head platform sites.

[Image: real-bookies-review.jpg]

Pay Per Head: Benefits
The advantages of automating your private bookie business online while still keeping control is evident in today's fast-changing and evolving sports betting market. Online betting was made feasible through the web in the very first instance. In the last two decades top-rated pay-per-head websites have expanded their business models into new areas of online gambling. PPH Services offer software solutions to run an online racebook which bets on horses and also an online casino to play Las Vegas-style casino slot machines and table games. Private bookie companies have developed into fully-service gambling websites. Pay per head solutions offer a complete system that allows independent bookmakers to make use of the most effective business tools to manage and sustain their business on an ongoing basis. Private bookmakers still provide a better level of customer service and personal attention to each client. They also enjoy the ease of access and navigation on the sports betting websites online. See the most popular best bookie software blog.

[Image: Esc0nUKXUAAClf_.jpg]

Online sports betting accounts for the largest portion of the market's weekly bets. The same is true for private bookmakers who use a pay per Head service. The 24 hour availability of betting options that are expanded for casino or horse racing games is also possible. Business reports that are accessible via the PPH software backend will provide real-time settlement reports at the end each week. The report clearly displays the total balance of bettors on sports. The correct business report is required by a bookie agent in order to be able to determine which customers are paid and which ones are owing money to the book. The difference is known as the bookie's Hold. The average percentage of hold is between 5% and 10% on an annual basis. Holds that are less than 5 percent must be adjusted. A week with a hold that is greater than 10% is thought to be successful. There are many ways you can pay for your weekly per-head fee such as debit cards and credit cards. One of the fastest and most secure ways to pay is via cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Have a look at the most popular realbookies info.

[Image: customer-admin-screen-weekly-credit-max-...net_-1.jpg]

The Pay Per Head Basic Principles to be used by Companies
The fundamental principles that govern the industry of betting endure. In certain weeks, bettors win. The majority of the time, bookies are victorious. The key to running a profitable private bookie business is consistency over the long term. Because of the house edge, all cards will be in your favor. You must maintain an even hold to ensure you can meet your financial goals. The long-term success of a pay per head service is directly linked to the long-term performance of the bookie agency that they provide. A variety of business tools that are included in the weekly program are linked to increased profitability. One principle of business that increases profitability is increasing your weekly handle and hold without needing to increase your betting base. The bottom line of your business can be improved by making the most use of your revenue streams.
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